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Keynect is a dedicated place to let people know you have a shop or business that sells and trades direct to the public or other businesses. Keynect has a growing online presence as a valuable guide for people to see exactly what shops are still around in their local community so its not all about online shopping, its about genuine bricks and mortar shops.

Listing your business on our website gives you instant access to web traffic from people who have searched for local places to shop and want to support local business and that means your business, having a location profile on our website can also have a very positive affect on your own website if you have one as it creates a positive back link that could help to elevate your online visibility, it can also support your own social media channels.

Keynect not only covers the whole of the UK but we're available Worldwide

Our website is growing and we want to add shops and businesses everywhere, so no matter where you are we will work hard to get you additional footfall in your local area using our website and social media and although you might already have an online following we provided a very different level of engagement to all age groups and we're already providing positive results for many businesses.

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Our Free Website Builder

Our website builder is free on all accounts and creates an instant 6 page hosted and secure website ready to include all your text and photos, your new website will work on all devices, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile. You can add as many more pages and galleries as you want along with features and plugins such as News & Blog, you can also link a full custom domain name if you have one.

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If you have problems setting up your membership please call 0800 032 8185 and we'll get it started straight away(business hours). If we're unable to answer please leave a message and we'll call you back.

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